Welcome to Inventlinks. My name is Joe and I’m a CEO of Cambridge Ways Education and Inventlinks. I’m an app developer for iOS and Android devices, and a website builder as well. The programming languages that I use to create apps are Xcode (both Objective C and Swift), PHP, SQL, App Inventor, Android Studio and robotic language (RX & TX). Some of my apps have been published in both App Store and Play Store. You’re welcome to download them for free.

I studied Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in Canada. After my graduation, I started my first career with Mackenzie Financial Corporation in Toronto. I helped the corporation to develop software to automate many daily mandate tasks such as processing RRSP applications form. It took staff few seconds to accomplish the task with my software instead of spending several weeks to do the same task in the past. This is the power of code!

Many beginners understand power of code is becoming more important in our daily lives than ever; however, they are frustrated with programming languages in the markets. They find them hard to understand and difficult to use.

With this notion in mind, I’ve established this website to help all age groups to be familiar with these programming languages in order to build their fun and wonderful apps.


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